08/22/08 - Annoncing our brand new, very own GARGAMEL! Crybaby HOT SAUCE!! Pick a bottle up at our live shows for only $10! It's made with only the finest ingredients by POCA'S HOTTEST. It's hot AND delicious - habenero peppers, carrots, honey, onion, vinegar - you've got to taste it to believe it! If you can't make it to a show, please contact us via email to get a bottle: They'll be available at soon as well.


08/10/08 - Thanks to everyone who came out to see us play the House of Blues with Junkie Rush, Semi-Soul, and the 4th Stooge. We couldn't have asked for a better show!!!


07/01/08 - HOORAY FOR US! Thanks to our friendly readers of the Orlando Weekly, we just won the #1 spot for Best Metal Act in the OW Best Of 2008 Reader's Poll!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOTING FOR US!!!

06/01/08 - Gargamel! has entered the home studio of Andymas under the engineering control of Servobeonic Man - who knows what kind of horrible audio mess they will get into! 3 new songs in the works, as well as a cover tune or two, and a remake of Karate Summer. Cross your fingers and wish us luck that we can get a new E.P. finished before the summer's over!


03/27/08 - We just wanted to let all you Gargamelians know that we've got a few new songs in our set that will blow your freakin mind! Make way for "Narcoleptic Snake Handler", "The Unstoppable Exodia", and a couple of to-be-named thrillers!


03/13/08 - Heeeeeyyyyy Everybody! Come see our show at the House of Blues tomorrow night!


03/10/08 - Hola, and welcome to the new Gargamel! website! Whew, where did the last 2 yrs go? It seems like just a second ago we were announcing the name of our new drummer.

03/19/06 - After searching high and low, far and wide, through all of Central Florida's seedy bars and strip clubs, we finally found our new man on the drums. Ladies and Gentlemen, the only man brave enough to step into the stinky shoes of Webb... the one, the only... AndyMAS! He will make his debut performance with us April 7th at Will's Pub! Help us welcome him into the sick and twisted world of Gargamel!

02/18/06 - We have finished recording the new album and the mixing is going extremely well. We've posted a sampler of many of the new tracks on our music page.

12/23/05 - Hey, we've got some new pics up from the 2005 Halloween show at Will's Pub!

12/15/05 - Well, Webby is gone... we are all very sad. We did get to record his drum tracks for the new album before he left, though. We will be recording guitars, bass, keys, and vocal tracks over the next month or two. The new album will be the longest Gargamel! CD ever! And we are in the process of auditioning new drummers. If you or someone you know may qualify, shoot us an email:

Oh, I almost forgot... Happy Holidays!

1. Webb is moving to Seattle
2. We're recording a new album
3. The LIVE BOOTLEG DVD IS DONE!1. It's the end of an era. Our long-time drummer and friend, Webb, will be moving to Seattle in December. We are sad to see him go and wish only the best for him and his family. The November shows will be his last with us. Please come out and show your support for this amazing musician and original member of Gargamel!2. We will also be taking these last few weeks with Webb to record our latest material. We will keep you updated on the progress of our new album in the coming months.

3. After many months of hard work, Servo has finally finished the GARGAMEL! LIVE BOOTLEG DVD! Every show in November is a DVD Release Party - get yours for a limited time for only $12!!!

08/30/05 pt 2 - I also spent a few weeks figuring out how to make DVDs so we could make and sell a live DVD. Don't ask - it's not done yet. I tried 3 different programs and think I finally found one that works for me! We wanted a 4hr retrospective band history but I think the longest DVD I can make will be 2 hrs. But we'll keep you updated on its progress.

08/30/05 - Hmmm... what kind of news can I make up for the last 9 months? Okay, we got signed to 3 different labels and then dropped from all 3 when they found out Mandaddy actually EATS LIVE BABIES! Believe that? Okay, how about this? We were on tour in Japan for the last 9 months and just got back. What? You say you've seen us playing in FL recently? Okay, busted. How about this... I'm just as lazy as the other pricks in the band and after Myspace started up the main website updates just didn't have the same priority! Anyway, I (Servo, by the way) have acquired a new Thumbnail Generator to make posting pics a bit easier, as well as making them easier for you to view. There are lots of new pics to check out, so enjoy!

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