Halloween 2001 - Barbarella! This was the last year for what has become a tradition for us, as the Barbarella patio will be closing in early 2002. This year we rocked with techno-lectric punksters Retard - O - Bot 2000, who ripped the stage apart and destroyed multiple synthetic lifeforms throughout their set.





Mandaddy, the Grinning Reaper.


Retard - O - Bot 2000 showed off their ghostly new drummer and proceeded to wreck their set in record time.

Mandaddy and Crazy Hector.


Yeah, Servo spooked out pretty much everyone he ran into...

Is this Retard - O - Boy related to our Servobeonic Man?


Reverend Knuckles showcases his holy fret-burning.

Webb delivered the beats on schedule while the mystery member of Gargamel! signed autographs and did radio interviews.


Servo got another mic jammed in his eye socket...

Reverend Knuckles looks possessed by the spirit of Rock N Roll!


It's the whole band in one photo! Well, almost...