We've been having fun with the guys and girls in Bradenton at Club Diamonds.
This show was our first attempt at a Jagermeister promotion... we're sorry Jagermeister, my girlfriend Miriam took the pictures!
Thanks for all the support, folks!! Each show keeps getting better!!



Mandaddy, with his number one fan rockin' in the back.

It's been a long time since we rocked with pop/punksters Bughead. Here they are kickin' vocal support on "Ape Torture".

Super-rocker and booking guy John Drenning diggin' the new tune, "Daddy Needs $".

(Is that a Jagermeister shirt on the young lady in the background?)

Nick and his lovely wife supporting the
Garga-meister/Jager-mel cause.


What's wrong with these ladies? Besides dating bandmembers, they need more Jagermeister!

This guy got pissed at this chick for humping his leg during our set...

So he decided to do some humpin of his own!


Spot the Jagermeister sticker and win a trip to Bradenton!

What the hell was in that last picture?

Webb hordes the big box of Jagermeister goodies!

These 2 made up and started their own dance academy...
Fueled by Jagermeister, of course!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a true Jagermeister/Gargamel! fan.

Jim's about to show us a lot more of his girlfriend!

You should see the bank pen I got my chain from!
(is that a Jager sticker on his shirt?)

Clay performing his Servobeonic ventriloquist act.
Where's your hand, Clay?