Oooo, Mr. Carter! ! ! Another super show at Club Diamonds in Bradenton.
Apparently we've been nominated for an award there...
we must have them fooled!
If you live in the Tampa/Sarasota/St. Pete area, please make a trip out to
this awesome rock club and vote for us! Thanks to Jim Wade for these photos.

Club Diamonds: 10-19-02


Knuckles, Servo, and Mandaddy!

Mandaddy has no idea Webb's looking at his ass.

Tonight on, "Profile of a Manwhore",
we bring you... Crazy Manwhore!

Don't go into the light, Professor Knuckles!

Put your fists in the air for GARGAMEL!


Mandaddy's arm glows bright yellow when
he screams too loud...


Check out the monogrammed labcoat on
Professor Knuckles

Fancy new light rope and an improved sound system
keeps Club Diamonds rockin!!
(pay no attention to the bass player)

Mandaddy uses the brain sucker on Servo



What's wrong with this picture?


Come on, don't egg him on, he'll just yell louder!