Crazy Hector... WASTED! ! ! The Crazy Manwhore was in rare form for his birthday this year.
This budding rock star partied his pants off - and swears he doesn't remember a thing!

Copper Rocket: 9-21-02


Hector, livin la vida loca, baby!

The Gargamel! assault came in the form of 2 sets: The drunk set, and the wasted set.

"Hi-Dee-Ho, Professor Knuckles!
You're squishing me into your shirt!"

This year give the gift that keeps on giving... PORN!
"Thanks for the porn, Donna!"

Mandaddy knows it's almost nap time for Hector.

We're almost half as old as Crazy Hector!

I know there's an A/C vent over here somewhere...


"Look over there at that picture, Hector, it's moving!!
Servo's doing a great job on the website!

Look, Hector got a new birthday tattoo on his hand !!

Happy 25th Birthday, again, Hectwhore!!