Frankie's Patio, YBOR city. Ice-T playing next door (honest!). This was a big, big room, with, unfortunately, a few people. Lots of echoes. One of the bands we played with had a tour bus. They know someone with a tour bus service, so they "borrowed" one for the night. Quite a party. These photos were taken by Melisa Taylor.



Frankie's Patio, May 26, 2001

YBOR CITY, FLORIDA! Home of the finest full-contact strip clubs in all the Southeast. Frankie's Patio is an awesome venue with an indoor room and a giant warehouse-type concert hall. Very cool stage with lots of room. In case you wanted to know...


In this pic, Mandaddy is featuring the "mic cord on the head" accessory.

Professor Knuckles wears no buckles, he eats little girls and then he chuckles...


In this pic, Mandaddy is featuring the "turd stuck in the butt" accessory...

Servobeonic Man was accosted by a stripper from Lakeland that night. Yes, there are strippers in Lakeland, FL. Be afraid, be very afraid.


The human timepiece, Webb.

What's that? No free beer? Don't make me put this microphone in your eye socket!


In this pic, Mandaddy is featuring the standard wizard cloak with the "Professor Knuckles hand puppet" accessory..

Crazy Hector, man of a thousand hair colors.


I wonder if Ice-T is going to make more money than we will?