Smile kids, Mandaddy loves you!

Thanks to all of you who battled the weather and
made it to the House of Blues on August 30th. We had a great time playing for such a great crowd!
These stylistic pics are courtesy of Eric Webster, who loves to try new things with his camera.
It's like an old horror movie... spooooky!

House of Blues: 8-30-02


Count Mandaddy scoping out hundreds of potential victims.

Deciding who should be first is the hard part.

No one rocks better in a lab coat than our professor.

(Did he just stick his tongue out?)

The Professor of Knuckles enjoys a frothy beverage on the job.

Servo, sportin' new specs and a fancy terrycloth shirt.

Yep, terrycloth! The most underrated soft material on the planet. One terrycloth suit for Servo, please.

Don't piss this guy off... his poison-tipped head spikes can be shot with deadly accuracy. But they take 3 months to grow back in, and we couldn't stand to see him bald for that long!

Here he was about to unleash his deadly hair arsenal on some guy that was making fun of his belt!

I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on these drums all day!

Webb's diet consists mainly of crickets, moths, and
assorted berries.

The Lick the Flesh Choir belts out their ancient war cry.

And all is well for the Count because he knows the audience didn't hear the fart he just ripped. But wait till they smell it!