Halloween is probably one of the best times to see Gargamel! live. The freaks just can't seem to get enough of their onstage antics and this year was no exception. Sat. 10/28/00 at Barbarella the band decided to pay homage to the opening act, Dirty Barby, by dressing like lead singer Puce Glitz. 5 guys in drag with bad makeup... SCARY!

Then came Tues. 10/31/00 at the Bar-B-Q bar where the freaks in the streets ruled the night. Unfortunately there aren't any pics of the band's performance, but there were a few candid audience shots worth posting.



Does it get any scarier than this ?


Okay, so it does get scarier!

NO!!!! Please make it stop!


I said, NO!!! please make it stop!

Thank you for stopping - this is much better!


Look how sweet he can be!

Foolproof plan opened the night with their fantastic heavy rhythms and vocal mayhem.


And in case you missed these two sweethearts the first time...

Who let the 80's rock god wanna-be onstage?


It must have been this idiot...


Mandaddy with Hunter S. Thompson and Professor Knuckles


Poor Servo hasn't seen the light of day for some time now.

Look how much fun it was to be crammed in the Bar B Q Bar on Halloween!


Two hours to achieve this look - his shirt says it all...