More old photos... I can't even remember the exact date from this gig at Hard Rock... so much herb, so few brain cells... I think it's from January 2001, but if you know better, email us!

There's a free sticker in it for you!



HARD ROCK LIVE! Jan. ??, 2001

GARGAMEL! and the spaceship carrying Fox Mulder?


We keep all of these lights at Webb's house, but he never wants to bring them to the gigs.

I think I can almost smell what Mandaddy had for lunch...Can You?


Yes, those are the same pants he wears to every gig!

Ouch! Looks like Servo got his finger stuck in between keys again!


The Ominous Professor Knuckles

We could all learn a thing or two about proper posture from this guy


Can you spot Webb's shoes?

Crazy Hector lays his golden eggs in these pants...


You'll never defeat the force of gravity, Mandaddy.

Knuckles burning up the frets again


Uh, what? You just took my picture?

Crazy Hector about to stomp on a Rat - distortion pedal, that is....


Just another cool pic to show how good our photographer Eric Webster is. Email us if you'd like to hire him!

Is Servo actually using more than one finger on this song?


Goodnight! And remember, worship beer and drink satan!