HOUSE OF BLUES - Friday, 4/19/02

I'm sure our 4/19 gig at the House of Blues will be one of the year's best. 1800+ in attendance, 200 shy of selling out! We couldn't have done it without all you high shcool kids, so thanks for spending the evening with us! And thanks to Crass Roots, Omnibus, and Indorphine for rocking the night away (and helping us prepare for 4/20).

photos by Eric Webster - contact him thru us!


This was an incredible show, with over 1800 in attendance! Thanks to Indorphine, Crass Roots, and Omnibus for doing great sets and keeping the audience motivated!


Mandaddy wasted no time pulling out trick after trick from his sonic assault beltpack.

The Man-daddy of a thousand faces.


Gargamel!, too tired to play standing up, decide the show must go on anyway...

You're a rainbow, you're a rainbow too, you and you over there, you're all rainbows! We are all children of the fire dragon tonight!


The night of a thousand rock poses...

Is Servo actually going to use both hands?


Someone decided to roll our Professor Knuckles. He was too busy marching to care.

Webb (above) ; John Webber (inset)


Mandaddy's powerful head grip of death is hindered by his poor aim.

You think that's cool? You should see the other arm!


Sing along Servo!

Auggh! I just got a wedgie!


Professor Knuckles rocks hard for the people!

The man of precision himself, Webb.


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Click this to enlarge, then see if you can find the back of your head in the crowd!


No, you can't stop the rockin'...