We've been expanding the Gargamellian empire into the vast reaches of our penis-shaped state over the past few months and have been warmly received by the folks in Gainesville. This was our second performance at the Purple Porpoise for their Thursday night Rock 104 concerts.

Photo's By:Kris Marshall

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Look out kiddies, it's Acid-Daddy!


The Gargamel! guys forging ahead.

Organic Flax Oil gives Crazy Hector the Omega-3 fatty acid he needs to support the health of his brain, heart, eyes, and scrotum.


Smirk-obeonic man...

I wonder if SOY is the answer!?!?


Tonight on "Webb's Profile", it's Webb's profile!

Syncronized rockin never gets old!


Let's all look for Mandaddy's contact lens!

The king of beers is courted by the king of fools.


Crazy Hector can't wait to eat that booger on his thumb!

I stole this cape from Count Chocula!


Herbal eardrops may provide an alternative to over the counter hemorhoid treatments...

Click me to make me rock - no, really, click me!


Servo's eyewear is now available on the spinner display at your local Walgreens.