Yes, we've played the T.D. Waterhouse arena, although it was during a Solar Bears game... it was cool enough just to see ourselves on the Jumbotron. What a bizarre gig this was!




SOLAR BEARS GAME, April 5th, 2001

Did I tell you how bizarre this was? I mean, check out the lady behind the band in the white shirt plugging her ears! Those hockey players are actually trying to concentrate while Mandaddy and Co. pummel the sound system.


Just look at the sports fans roll in!.

Yes, there was a blimp flying around dropping hats and t-shirts on people... being ridden by a giant polar bear.


This was taken during our massive, 2-song set after the first period. They dimmed the lights for us and people started to realize there was a band down there somewhere.

Mr. Mandaddy was dressing a bit more formal for the high-profile gig.


Professor Knuckles showcases his falsetto.

Unbeknownst to those young ladies, Servo just pooted.


Now that's cool, just like I said...

Servo narrowly escapes a flying hockey puck!


Can you find Shades the Solar Bear in this pic?