Spanky's 10-26-02 (MOONFEST)

Moonfest... What the hell is it? It's West Palm's big Pre-Halloween street party. We rocked out at our favorite south Florida stop, Spanky's. While the regular folks were loose in the city partying, Gargamel!, Bughead, and Stillkept were sucking the freaks off the street and into Spanky's patio area.

Witch Daddy!

You can see by Servo's disgusting appearance that the stage was just as hot and sweaty as usual.

Bughead got the party started early, drawing the crowd out from the air-conditioned dance room and into Sweatsville, USA.

Nathan showed the kids his awesome skills on his Flying V

This Nuntender makes the best Bloody Mary in the parrish.

And what party would be complete without a bunny wabbit?

And for a few more bottles of beer Trotsky will even model the girly t-shirts for you!

It looks like Witch Hector is melting, melllltttting!

Check out those deviled eggs!

Krystle was showing off her very own boyfriend-designed Gargamel! t-shirt.

Yeah, sweaty Servo even grossed out Crazy Hector.

Raggedy Ann was chillin' out waiting for Andy to show up so they could party together.

Eye-popping costume award of the night goes to...
Vampire Girl!

Did I just see what I thought I saw?

Servo gets a pair of helping hands to reinforce his backing vocals.

The South FL dynamic duo, Jesse and Nikki.

And get the priest as well...

Ladies and Gentleman... The most photogenic couple at Spanky's Moonfest Celebration!!