SPANKY'S w/ Junkie Rush and The Groovenics - 12-28-02 - West Palm Beach

This set of gig-pics is dedicated to the awesome fans in South Florida who have
been spreading the Garga-way and making our weekend getaways better each time.
Thanks to Mirimoto for the fabulous pics!

Just one of many, many pitchers shared by Gargamel! and Orlando-pals Junkie Rush.

It was too chilly for the Junkies to play on the patio, so Spanky's let the girly-men rock inside!

Bobby shows off his drinkin' skills.

It's a little known fact that Ito has more rhythm in one finger than the entire Osmond family.

Mandaddy's head was in dire need of repair.

Always ready to cheese-it-up with the fans, the Gargamel! team posed with mega-fans Krystle and Aaron.

One of many pics using the new LSD filter.

Professor Knuckles must be saying something inappropriate. It looks like Mandaddy's about to knock some sense into him.

Oh my, what could this guy be pulling on?

Ahhhh, I see now, there IS somebody controlling the daddy.

The last survivor of Atlantis uses his mental super-powers to ward off the incoming Lite-Brite armada.

Yeah, betcha didn't know he was from Atlantis!


Hey it's the new neon-tattoo Crazy Hector has been looking for!

Servo's eyebrows can read your mind.

Way to go, Servo, if you look like you're concentrating
they'll think you're good!

What do you want for Christmas little boy?
A big Gargamel! moshpit!

Winner for coolest hair-do of the night,
and second runner up in the mosh-pit.

Hey Mandaddy! You've still got that
duct tape on your head!

This girl lost her thumb in the great thumb-war of 2000.

A young wizard in training summons
the power of the almighty light demons...

Whoah, dude, that girl just blew your face off!

Yo, man, did you just see that dude get his face blown off?

Auugh! Don't let that chick blow up my face!

From L to R: Tracy, Mandaddy, Pete, Miriam, and Stacy

Servo and his lovely lady Miriam

Bobby always wins the big eyeball contest.

pssst, Karl, these pics will be on

Well, I hate to say it but.......

Ladies and Gentlemen: the youngest devil-worshipper ever!

And speaking of devils...

Many Garga-fans will spend the entire set trying to adjust themselves to compensate for Mandaddy's crooked goattee.

If we ever need a new drummer... we'll call Ronnie!

So much love in one little photo!


Merchandise anyone?