Spanky's - 8/31/02 (and a couple of pics from 6-29-02)

I've been meaning to get some pics from our favorite south Florida club on the website for a long time. It's called Spanky's (you can get spanked by the bartender AND get a free shot!) and they have all ages local shows every weekend. The staff rules, and the outdoor stage can't be beat in cooler weather. During the summer this stage can be hell to play, but the fans keep us motivated and we always look forward to coming back.

Most of these pics were taken by Krystle


With no breeze to alleviate them from the heat, Gargamel! plunges into what must have been the wettest set ever!


Heeey Everybody! We're on the sweatiest stage in Florida!

The Gap is right! The black dress is back!


Crazy Hector with his crazy eyes...

Hey Servo - Remember Ed Grimley, I must say?


Can you spot Webb's head?

You can barely find Professor Knuckles in his camouflage


Someone needs to get Hector a blowdryer for his armpits!

Is Mandaddy about to backhand Crazy Hector?


Guess which one of these girls is old enough to drink...

Knuckles and Hector sweatin out the jams!


Gargamel!, the Gargoyles (Beth and Tracy), and Garga-fans (Jessica and Nikki)

The West Palm Gargamel! t-shirt team


See the paddle? That's why they call it Spanky's!