We seem to have adopted the Station as our new home for pictures. The lighting is awesome and the stage isn't too big to get closeups. They have been strong supporters of the local rock scene, contrary to the recent rumors. It may be a little drive from downtown, but if you're out to see a band and want to hear them on a kickass sound system, this is the place to go!

The Legendary Station 407-834-9008



The Legendary Station 9-22-00

GARGAMEL! under the lights of alien ships?


Mandaddy with the mighty Bughead

NUTRAJET - that's it, just 2 guys kicking ass.


JUNKIE RUSH-ing right along

Crazy Hector - the birthday girl


Servo N Knuckles

Mild mannered John Webber


Push him too far and he turns into HulkaWebb!

Looks like Professor Knuckles is having a hard time seeing through his skyjak mask!


There, it's much easier to see now.

Little Milk Daddy.


Does Little Milk Daddy have something to say?

Crazy Hector's escort for the evening finally decided to join him onstage.


"Those two chicks, Hector? Those are guys!"

"Dammit, I just couldn't help it, Mandaddy, I was kissing everyone..."

Mandaddy is all smiles when Knuckles sings.


"Awww, I'm sorry Nathan, we drank all the beer!"

Thanks to everyone who came out to support some awesome local bands and the best rock bar this side of Longwood...