Gargamel! - The GargaHive consists of..


Crazy Hector- 4 and 5 strings

Servo Beonic Man-Digital manipulations

Professor Knuckles- 6 Strings

Heavie Kevie-Stick man

Formed in the mists of the ages, Gargamel! arose from the prehistoric age of Orlando music to answer the question, "Why the hell not?!" They have only one need.....To Rock! Some have proclaimed that Gargamel! is better than your band, and to date, no one has been able to dispute this fact. They've played with Gwar, Nonpoint, Anthrax, Mushroomhead and many more. They've been in the top 3 metal bands in the Orlando Weekly's Best of Awards, for more than a decade (without actually being  "metal", go figure). They are what you need, but never knew you desired. Gargamel!------All Things, To All People......