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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Insane, Amazing, music check it out!
Candiria Amazing band,Amazing songs,Amazing Site!
Estradasphere Santa Cruz's gypsy death metal videogame Latin jazz nightmare!
Puffy Ami Yumi Japanese Power Pop!
Buckethead the official web site of Buckethead
Caca Volante FaithNoMore & More
Mohave Folk Music w/ dashes of Dixieland, progressive rock, pop, country and more!
Bughead The Mighty Mighty Bughead
Junkie Rush Feel The Rush!
Grand Buffet No Label. No Fans. No Problem
Retard-O-Bot Im A Fucking Robot
One Drop organic fusionistic music
Dead Mens Dreams hard rock to die for
Indorphine Hardcore dinner music!
NonPoint You're about to take a mindtrip
SuperVillains reggae, punk, rock, ska, and funk
Skrape New Killer America
Straight Line Stitch Heavy Stuff From Tennessee
System of a Down heavy freaky stuff
Primus Primus Sucks!
Tenacious D Need to learn how to rock?
LO Another awesome band from South FL
Cowboy Hotrods Smokin' and drinkin' and hopin' and thinkin'

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Planet Radio Native Noise listen to Gargamel and others In south Fl.
Real Radio 104.1 Home of Jim Philips, Drew Garabo and The Monsters of the midday
Rock104 Gainsville Rock Station (local music Sunday nights)
Bootleg Television Featuring local music, x-treme sports, and art

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WEBSKINZ Our Web Site Designer
CD Baby buy our CD, or sell yours
Cofee Stain Cool Site on The Fl. Music Scene
Stompinground Unsigned band stuff!
Macromedia Super Site interactivity at its best
Doodie! doodie, doodie, and more doodie! (cartons)
Archie McPhee outfitters of popular culture
The Knitting Factory awesome NY music club
Suicide Girls Sexy Punk-Rock-Goth Burlesque
MulletsGalore Hands down the funniest shit on the Net!

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Will's Pub Screw Downtown
Copper Rocket Pub Maitland's Greatest Bar
BackBooth If you must play downtown, This is the place!
House Of Blues Best Sounding Orlando Venue! Home of "Orlando Rocks"
Hard Rock Live Home Of Orlando's Livewire

Richter Records Orlando-based Studio and more! (where we recorded Touch My Fun and The New Tenderness)
Suede Shoe Studios We recorded Little Milk Belly (Upgrade) here
Orlando Weekly super local newspaper
Ink 19 Magazine local arts publication
Florida Entertainment Scene Activity Listings, Interviews Reviews and More! local band websites
UDTV Gainesville-based local music TV show/website
Nightlife Orlando access to the after-dark
Any Cool Music a who's-who book/site to the Orlando Music Scene
O.D. online fanzine website for music n arts
arrowentertainment stagelighting specialists
Killer Camera Awesome Photos of Local Bands and MORE! superb Central Florida band site

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