Calico Jack's - Casselberry, FL - April 24, 2004
pics courtesy of Tish

Hola Muchachos!

Things you'd never hear Mandaddy say:
"Oh God, please let us rock tonight!"

Things you might hear him say instead:
"I've got a corpse in my trunk this big!"

Crazy Hector sportin' a mohawk.

L to R: Servobeonic Man, Professor Knuckles, and Mandaddy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's LOSS FOR WORDS!

"Someday I want to be just like Servo".

Looks like someday has arrived...

Oh no, it's a 2-headed Gargoyle!

Makes you wonder where Webb's drumsticks are...

This just makes you wonder...

Mandaddy infuses Professor Knuckles with his heavy metal powers!

Servo poses with a fan... that's the Servo "tough guy" look...

Quick Knuckles, duck! Mandaddy's hurling boogers again!

Tish is sporting a groovy Grinning Reaper shirt from the spring Garga-collection.

Here's to the sports drink of champions,
GARGA-ADE!! or would that be Gargade?


And from all of us to all of you - DRINKY-DRINKY!

Hey look, that's you up there, Mandaddy!