Jan. 25th, 2003 - Eddie C's - Gainesville - pics by Miriam Lorenzi

With the Purple Porpoise gone (R.I.P.), the place
to be in Gainesville is Eddie C's!

Sure Servo rocks, but check out that
levitating Mandaddy!

Gargamel!'s own version of Pigpen,
Professor Knuckles busts out some smokin chops!

These cool cats were a little under the weather,
but stayed right up front all night.

Who all here is evil?

Occasionally one of Webb's drumsticks will
get lodged somewhere special.

"I put food here"
(check out that metal maniac behind her!)

I could crush you in one blow!

Knuckles is completely unaware of the
booger being put on his shoulder.

Now what could he possibly use that for?

These two look like they know how to party...

Go crazy, Hector!

It's not the tattoos, it's those sexy blue glasses!

There is just too much fun going on at this place.

Yeah, that's the same guy with the 2 chicks above.
(wicky-wicky you dinguss)

What is this, night of a thousand tongues?

Rare photo evidence that, for security reasons,
Webb is kept in a 2 dimensional prison.

I can consume dozens of these mini-beers!