March 1st, 2003 - Eddie C's - Gainesville

Mandaddy, fueling up for the show.

Look how happy beer makes you feel!

Yep, he's been drinking beer...

Webb drinks NO beer before a gig...

Just imagine how happy Mandaddy would be if
there were no such thing as beer...

There are 3 beers stashed in
Professor Knuckles labcoat at all times.

Servo sings like Blondie if you give him a beer.

Ewww, that mic smells like stale beer!

Crazy Hector must have forgotten to get
Mandaddy a new beer!

Apparently, beer can make you draw
on your arm with a sharpie...

Hey kids! Sing along!
Beer, beer, beer! Let it flow like water!

"Share a spill?"