Nov 20th (or so), 2003 - Eddie C's - Gainesville - photos by Mirimoto
This was the last stop on our trip with Indorphine. And we all lived happily ever after!

What is that man, daddy?

I hate that man, daddy!

Crazy Hector wants YOU (to teach him how to play).

Lesson One: less tongue, more notes...
no, that's not right either...

Check out the picture in picture of Professor Knuckles... as Mandaddy gives a creepy stare.

awww, look at the cute, little Mandaddy head growing on Servo's hand!

Pucker up, Webby!

Let's take a look at the many rock poses of the Professor... I think he may be squeezin out more than notes in that last pic.

Mandaddy was hangin' from the ceiling on this one...

And now it looks like the ceiling is going to collapse!

How many members of Gargamel! can squeeze into one pic?
Let's see... Mandaddy's head, Crazy Hector's leg, and Servo's entire body!


Just another big, dumb rock band?

Ever seen a dumb rock band do this?
Betcha didn't know Servo had such powers!

He also has the option of bitchslappin Crazy Hector whenever he feels so inclined...
but then, we all have that option.

Bringing it down a notch...

Uh, what are we doing again?

Hector's not even phased by the screaming guy...

Webb no like peace and quiet... Webb smash drums!

And we'll wrap it up with one more of Professor Knuckles' rock moves!