Feb. 15th, 2003 - Club Ovation - 15 Bands - ALL AGES - 2 STAGES

Another awesome show in South Florida!
Thanks for your Garga-support!

For those about to puke, we salute you!

So, uh, what's the name of this place?


Just look at that face. It's the face of
an angel.

Quick, somebody check Knuckles
for lice.

That arrow tells him where to put his hands...

Crazy Hector plays lots of high notes.

Her mama's gonna kill her when she sees
what we wrote on her pants!

Oh how we long to be rock stars...

The World Wide Webb.

The Gay-gamel dancers!

The Professor is in.


Knuckles and Servo have no idea what that Mandaddy's doing.

You all had a great time, we were awesome!