November, 2003 - A Few Pics From Our 2 Week Southeast Adventure With Indorphine

Mandaddy The Great, hard at work...

And, several hours later, still hard at work!

Knuckles was unfortunate enough to be sick,
while Crazy Hector was just being an idiot.

We made it! Presenting the fabulous
Tremont Music Hall, in Charlotte, NC.

Mandaddy decided to impress the crowd with his fancy new robe, which he likes to call "Her".

He was showing off all Her attributes, including the cool hood and belt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now entering the ring,
Mandadddy The Magnificent!! know, the robe is reversible too!

Crazy Hector was showing off his O-town spirit...

And Servo was giving the evil eye...

Professor Knuckles got over his sniffles
and put his weary fingers to the test...

and as usual, Webb wouldn't stop smiling!

and who else better to go on tour with than

Tanner played his favorite pool game... ONE BALL!
Hector, as usual, was an idiot.

The Indorphine touring rig...
hey, what are these guys laughing at?

Why, Mandaddy of course, awake at 10am!

There's nothing better than a morning
breakfast money meeting!

So after 2 gigs in NC, we headed down to GA.
We were lucky enough to be able to crash at a friend's house... we just had to party a little first...

Who would possibly let Gargamel! party at their house? hmmmm...
Anyone remember Matt from Will's Pub?

A few more sleeping pics, just to embarass ourselves...

This guy is always on the job...

Somewhere in there is a guy we like to call...