Spanky's (4/25/03), EDBDX(4/27/03), and Indigo Room (5/17/03) - Miscellaneous pics worth seeing?

Just a few pics from a night at Spankys...
What kind of night at Spanky's?
Well, the crowd was massive, as you can see...

And Servo and Hector couldn't figure out
what instrument to play...

And then this happened... why bother taking
anymore pics of the band?

See how much cooler this is?

Business as usual for Andre!

Is she cleaning something off her tooth?

Well, wasn't that fun? Now we take you to
the land of EDBDX (EarthDayBirthDay10).
Real Rock DJ and friend Lucy Lawless introduced
us (and partied heartier than most)...

And poor Servo, poster-boy for the Scandinavian
Skin Cancer Research Center, was standing in
the freakin' ultraviolet zone the whole set!

While sunscreen dripped into Servo's
burning eyes, Mandaddy raged on...

and could actually be heard over the
bands on the big stages...

The Professor of Knuckles played it cool
with his new shades - he found them on the ground
if these glasses are yours, please email us...
(we'll tell you which dumpster he threw them in
after the show...)

A closer look at the wonderful world of duct tape repair!

Quite a moshpit going on, eh?

Look at all those future sunburns!

Ft. Myers - The Indigo Room - 5/17/03

Great place, although the stage was kinda small...
but not too small for Knuckles to shred!

Servo was waaaay too happy about his
new Sealab 2021 shirt... ADULT SWIM RULES!

Fear not, kids, Gargamel! will definitely be back
in Ft. Myers soon!