April 2nd, 2004 - The Bank Vault - Orlando - photos by Tish
Anyone remember going to Club Volcano? It has a new name and a new kickass sound system!

Hey dude, you're scary enough without splattering
your brains all over the place! Don't do it!

Mandaddy and Tish share a special Bud Light Moment...

Believe it or not, Crazy Hector makes this
face every time he tunes his bass.

Thump & Pop & Thump & Pop & Thump & Pop (repeat)...

"I'm gonna be goin home with YOU tonight, buddy!"

(Uh-oh, I think Mandaddy knows I just made fun of him...)

He can't afford shirt sleeves, but he sure does spend a lot of time with a needle in his arm, ladies and gentlemen,
Crazy Hector!

Servo is so loaded he wears short AND long sleeves!

Let's show the fans what they really want to see...
THEMSELVES! Here's Tish with her Webb puppet and JD.
(Crazy Hector demonstrates proper puppet technique)

And Libby, with Ellen and Tish.

and Tish with a new friend...

(what did we just see in that last pic?)

This is Libby with our buddy Allen..

Hey now, what did Ellen do to deserve a spanking?

Crazy Hector (hangin' tough), his lady Ellen, Tish, and JD


Hector gives his approval to JD's spankin' technique.

the picture speaks for itself...

Ya'll come back now, ya'hear?