Gainesville FL Sun.

"Gargamel! has their own vocal acrobat in the form of the maniacal Mandaddy. Imagine a zoo run by Frank Zappa with a monkey house built from Iron Maiden albums" - , 

St Pete FL Weekly Planet

"Orlando's GARGAMEL! is a band every fan of heavy music should see -- an amazing combination of ability and dark buffoonery that singlehandedly obliterates every cynical, negative connotation of the term local band. If you haven't yet caught this schizoid metal spectacle's live show, by all means, flog yourself, then go get in the car. It's marvelous. They mix styles as easily as they mix technique, humor, and showmanship."

Any Cool Music?

"Gargamel!'s story reflects a rare occurrence: a group of musicians, incredibly far left of center, stayed true to their often disturbing ways and found the world coming around to their way of thinking." -  -

Connections Magazine

One look at the cover of Gargamel!'s "The New Tenderness" shows the band hasn't lost their warped sense of humor. One listen to the record shows not only haven't they lost their sense of humor, but Gargamel! also hasn't lost the superb musicianship that they've shown in the past. The Garga-boys retain their mixed bag of musical styles ranging from Latin ("Hey Everybody") to hard-edge ("Grin, Reaper", "Daddy Needs Money", "Face Hugger") to soulful funk ("Chowder Cough"). Although the album is an eclectic blend, it works, and Gargamel! is one of the few bands that can pull this off. We're sure the band wouldn't have it any other way.